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City Hall Backing

On Monday, I had a good strategy meeting with Assembly Member Unmesh Desai, who backs our campaign to re-build the Thames Path.

Unmesh wants to arrange a site visit with the advisors to the Mayor. Primarily that would be Seb Dance, the Deputy Mayor for transport, and also Will Norman, the Cycling/Walking Commissioner.

Further to this, Unmesh will ask a series of questions to the Mayors, in the hope of putting the campaign on the agenda. Written questions are also widely read by the press, so they can boost our profile.

If we can get more attention and back at London City Hall, then it would make a massive difference to the campaign. However, we are aware of the current state of London’s finances following the pandemic. TFL are planning to cut bus routes to save money, and there is little in the way of largess at the moment.

It’s important to do the work now, for when the money is available. London could normally afford such projects. The cycling super highway, and the cable car are just two of ambitious projects in the recent past.

When the financial position returns to normal, our proposals will be on the table ready to go.

It’s a long road but we fully intend to complete it. If you would like to support us, then a donation would be greatfully received.

£5 would a pay a volunteers expenses. DONATE

£10 would pay for leaflets. DONATE

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